Customer care feedback CPC Children and Young Peoples survey 2018

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Closes 31 Dec 2019


1. Did a social worker meet with you to explain why a child protection conference was being held and ask you if you wanted to attend?
2. Did someone talk to you about what you wanted the Chair and other people at the meeting to know about. If yes, who?
3. Did the Chair meet with you before the meeting to explain what was going to happen and who would be present?
4. Were you offered the opportunity to meet with the Children’s Advocate?
5. If yes, did you meet with the Children’s Advocate?
6. Did the conference help you to understand what people are worried about?
7. Did you feel that you had the opportunity to say what you wanted to in the conference?
8. Did you feel you were listened to?
9. If you were worried about attending the conference, did the Chair help you to feel less worried?
10. If you didn’t speak yourself in the meeting how did you let the Chair and other people at the conference know what you wanted to say?
Someone spoke on your behalf
You wrote a letter or note
You drew a picture
You sent a text message or email to the social work, Chair or someone else i.e. a teacher - please tell us
11. Any suggestions on how to improve conferences and make them better for children and young people?