Integrated Family Support Service Survey_Test

Closed 23 Feb 2017

Opened 23 Jan 2017


  1. What is the IFSS?
  • A new integrated family support service in Hammersmith and Fulham which seeks to redesign current children and families’ provision across universal to targeted (tiers 1, 2, 3) services as part of a whole system service strategy with specialist services, including Children’s Social Care.


  1. Why is this service being established?
  • The IFSS proposed will be designed to deliver improved outcomes for children and families through a single offer that sustains and enhances universal provision, whilst providing further seamless support to those families who need additional help through Universal Plus and Targeted services.


  1. Who will be in the proposed IFSS?
  • The IFSS initially seeks to bring together those services currently provided by the Early Help Service, Children's Centres, Youth Services, Public Health and potentially the Clinical Commissioning Group and Youth Offending Service.


  • There is also potential in the future to broaden the scope to include for example Children with Disabilities (CWD) Service, Adults Services and other Corporate Services that would benefit from this approach and enable LBHF to more effectively meet the needs of its residents, will be explored as the IFSS develops. 


  1. How will the IFSS work?
  • The operation of the future IFSS will involve the creation of a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), a separate legal entity from the local authority into which identified services can be transferred and co-owned by key stakeholders through a shareholder model which will directly commission services to children and families.


  1. Where will the new service be based?
  • The new service will operate under a ‘Hub and Spokes model’ delivered in three localities in the North, South and Centre of the Borough. This will allow resources to be pooled and specialism shared across the model through the supersites (hubs), while a cluster of microsites (spokes) will support the supersites in delivering a community led response to the families within the borough.


  1. When will the IFSS go live?
  • There will be three phases to the IFSS going live:  
  • Phase 1: Early Help, Children Centres, Youth Services and potentially YOS will move into the new IFSS SPV in October 2017.
  • Phase 2: Health Visiting, School Health (Healthy Schools), Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) and potentially CAMHS and Community Midwifery will move into the SPV between October 2017-2018.
  • Phase 3: Further partnering opportunities with CWD, Adult Services, Housing, Employment Support Providers, Police and Health Trusts from November 2018 onwards.


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