Should we ban use of amplifiers in Hammersmith town centre?

Closed 12 Dec 2018

Opened 14 Nov 2018


Residents, businesses, and visitors have told us that people using amplifiers in Hammersmith Town Centre cause a disturbance and in some instances, can be dangerous.

We’ve listened, and are now considering banning the use of amplifiers to speak, sing or play music in certain parts of Hammersmith Town Centre.

But first, we’d like your views.

The extra noise can be a nuisance, but is particularly disorientating for those with hearing impairments. It can drown out the sound of traffic and the indication noises from pedestrian crossings, making junctions more hazardous.

How would the ban work?

We would enforce the ban using a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO), meaning we could fine people up to £100 if they ignore a warning from an authorised officer.

The area we’re proposing for the order is outlined on the map below:

The conditions of the proposed order are: 

  • You are prohibited from using microphones/loudspeakers/megaphones/loud hailers or any other similar equipment designed to amplify the volume of speech or music (except at events authorised by the council) within the area outlined on the above map 
  • You are prohibited from using mains electricity or generator power for the purposes of amplification
  • Failure to comply with this order may result in a FPN of £100 being issued.

This consultation will close on 12 December 2018.

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