Controlling alcohol use in public spaces - have your say

Closed 16 Sep 2020

Opened 24 Jul 2020


To reduce anti-social behaviour and crime on our streets,  and in our parks, Police Officers, Police Community Support Officers and some council officers in Hammersmith & Fulham have the power to ask people to stop drinking alcohol. They can also confiscate alcohol or ask people to dispose of their alcohol, as well as directing people to leave an area if their behaviour is anti-social.

Authorised officers can issue fines to people who refuse. These powers have been in place since 2017 and help keep our streets and parks safe and pleasant for everyone.  

We enforce this using a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO).

We are considering whether to extend these powers for a further three years but first, we’d like to hear your views. 

The conditions of the current order are:  

 “Persons in the restricted area detailed in Schedule 6 (1) of this Order will, on the request of a Police Officer, Police Community Support Officer or authorised person from the Council cease drinking alcohol and will dispose of or surrender any alcohol in their possession when asked to do so, unless subject to exemptions listed in Schedule 6 (2).” 

Full details can be found on the council's website here  Hammersmith & Fulham Public Spaces Protection Order 2017 (opens in new window)

Why we are consulting

We need to ensure that the powers for the PSPO are proportionate and so we are asking for your feedback to see whether you think that consumption of alcohol in public spaces in H&F continues to contribute to anti-social behaviour and crime.

The current PSPO also includes rules on dog control and dog fouling. We plan to vary this order to only cover alcohol and to consult separately about new rules about dogs.  

Please share your thoughts via our online survey before the consultation closes on 16 September 2020.  

For any queries, please contact us at  

What happens next

The consultation has now closed. Thank you for your input. We will be assessing the feedback from all respondents and updating the Results on this page. So watch this space!


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