North End Road - A Community-led Redesign

Closed 22 Feb 2019

Opened 14 Dec 2018


We would like to hear your views on a community-led North End Road redesign project. We want as many local people as possible to take part in our Area Assessment and share their ideas and suggestions for the future of North End Road.

Our aim is to:

– Create a thriving, sustainable and welcoming high street

– Keep the market and make it better

– Encourage more people to visit North End Road

An initial £1 million of council funding has already been identified, and the council has applied for additional funding from the Mayor of London’s Liveable Neighbourhoods Fund.

What have we done so far?

We have been talking to shopkeepers, market traders, community representatives and local community groups.

What are we doing today?

We want to hear your ideas for improvements that would make North End Road a place that more people will visit.

What happens next?

In January and February we will prepare a catalogue of possible future improvements, based on what we have heard and found out.

– Some of these will be small, quick improvements

– Others will be long-term projects which need more investment

In February we will exhibit the catalogue in North End Road for more community feedback.

Can I get involved?

If you would like to find out about future events and workshops, you can:

– Give us your details today

– Follow the project at

– Contact us at

As part of the ongoing stakeholder engagement for the above project, we are conducting a qualitative research, using this questionnaire.


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