Proposed Changes to the Scheme of Allocations

Closed 9 Jun 2020

Opened 26 May 2020


The council is currently updating its policy on how it allocates council and Housing Association owned housing within the borough.  The policy is known as the council’s Housing Allocation Scheme and which can be found here: Housing Allocation Scheme (PDF)

The Housing Allocation Scheme sets out the rules regarding eligibility to join the housing register and how the council prioritises the allocation of its social housing within the borough.

We are proposing changes to the policy that will help those residents with the most severe housing need, changes include:

  • Help to young people leaving care to ensure the best possible start by ensuring they are given greater priority for housing.  
  • Assisting those homeless households that require our help to access the private rented market, whilst allowing them to remain on the council’s housing register.
  • We want residents to play a more active role in the rehousing process, therefore we propose to change the way we allocate housing, with the introduction of an online digital platform.  This will allow eligible residents to view and apply for social housing on-line.  
  • We want to help sustain local communities through the provision of a local lettings plan which will prioritise eligible residents for new social housing in their local area.   
  • We want to maximise every rehousing opportunity for those living with a disability.  We propose to ensure those that require adapted housing are given priority for homes that are adapted or can be adapted.

We invite you to provide comments on the above proposal or any others that you may have regarding how the council prioritises the way it allocates it’s social housing.


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