Outdoor Gym - Wormwood Scrubs

Closed 29 Mar 2013

Opened 4 Feb 2013

Results Updated 19 Jul 2013

Executive summary on Outdoor Gym on Wormwood Scrubs Consultation

The consultation for introducing outdoor gym equipment and way markers was completed by 162 respondents. Overall, 68% of the respondents were in favour of outdoor gym equipment and 49% for waymarkers.

There was an equal spread of preferences for the outdoor gym location;  The existing outdoor gym by the entrance of Linford Christie Stadium (LCS) attracted the most votes (25%) followed by the two locations nearest to the Old Oak Community centre (11% North of the  centre and  18% South of the centre) off Braybrook Road.

In addition to the postal/online consultation, the council held an open day at the Old Oak community Centre on Braybrook road for residents and users.  The general view from the open day for those in favour of the outdoor gym equipment  preferred that the outdoor gym to be located nearer to the existing adventure playground equipment and the centre to allow adults to supervise their children and also be near the facilities ( toilets) offered by the community centre. The other views provided suggested that the facilies next to LCS caters for mores static ‘weight resistant ‘ training and this should be enhanced  separately and an alternative site for elderly or with less physical ability be introduced nearer to Old Oak centre.

Following from on the consultation, the council shall now proceed with exploring two locations:

1.The Stadium exiting outdoor gym is to be enhanced to provide a greater range of equipment that is both challenging and inclusive .

2.To introduce a small range of equipment  between the Adventure playground and the Old Oak Community centre which will be  similar to those presented on the open day .

The council will continue to discuss with local resident groups specific equipment for both these sites and also ensure that the colours are in keeping with more ‘rural’ setting  with more muted colour schemes.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact Paul Bassi directly at paul.bassi@lbhf.gov.uk.



Hammersmith and Fulham Council would like to consult visitors and local residents on plans to provide Outdoor Gym equipment and create waymarked walking / jogging routes on Wormwood Scrubs.

The aim is to provide new facilities that are free to access, easy to use and which assist in improving physical activity and personal health. The new facilities proposed are:

A) An outdoor gym which would typically be designed for all abilities, designed specifically for parks and open space (see illustration above); and

B) Waymarkers for jogging/walking routes with measured distance markers to encourage more active lifestyles

Why We Are Consulting

We would like to hear from residents and visitors on the proposals outlined in this consultation, to ensure these facilities are appropriately situated and will be well used by visitors to Wormwood Scrubs.

What Happens Next

Following the analysis of the questionnaire, the council will then decide on how to proceed with the scheme. A report of the decision will be made available on this same page in Citizen space so please keep a note of the web address for future reference.


  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Health and well being