Family Information Services Directory and SEND Local Offer websites review

Closed 31 Dec 2021

Opened 26 Oct 2021


Why we are consulting

The purpose of this survey is to ask for your comments about the information and the design of both the Family Information Services Directory (FISD) and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Local Offer websites.

The aim is to improve these websites to better meet the needs and expectations of users.

Recent work on the council website has highlighted opportunities to improve the way that the websites look, make the information easier to find and easier to understand and improve accessibility.

About the websites

The SEND Local Offer (LO) website has information on education, health and care provision including advice, support and services available to help people with special educational needs and disabilities achieve their potential. It includes health services, schools and other educational settings and voluntary and community groups as well as promoting upcoming events.  

Visit the SEND Local Offer website 

The Family Information Services Directory (FISD) website provides impartial information and advice on facilities for children and young people aged up to 19. This includes advice on how to choose the type of childcare services that best suits your needs as well as contact details for childminders, nurseries, pre-schools, crèches, children's centres, after-school care and holiday play schemes, extended services in schools, parent and toddler groups.

Visit the Family Information Service Directory website

Your responses

Your responses to this survey are anonymous. The feedback you give us may be shared with commissioners and providers of services locally in order to help improve services. Your information will remain protected. 

Thank you very much for taking part in this survey. Your feedback is very useful to us and will help in the redesign of the SEND Local Offer and Family Information Service Directory online information. 


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