The Linford Christie Stadium Consultation

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Closes 12 Jun 2019


1. Where do you live?

Please provide your postcode

2. Were you aware of the Linford Christie Stadium?

3. What is your connection to the Linford Christie Stadium (tick all that apply)?

4. Now consider the Wormwood Scrubs. What do you value it for (tick all that apply)?

5. Which of the following options do you prefer for the Linford Christie Stadium?

6. What kind of uses should the council and the Trust consider (tick all that apply)?

7. Would you like to see better facilities within the stadium for the benefit of users of Wormwood Scrubs e.g. changing rooms, café?

8. Which additional facilities would you like to see within the Stadium site?

Please tick all that apply

9. Please tick the 5 most important issues that should be considered when planning the future of the stadium site

Please choose up to 5 issues that you consider most important

10. Please tell us what you think about potential redevelopment of the Linford Christie Stadium site