Property Licensing Consultation 2021

Closed 10 Aug 2021

Opened 10 May 2021


This consultation has closed.

For further information and to see the reponse summary and proposal see:

Improving private sector housing via licensing | LBHF



Have your say about improving Hammersmith & Fulham’s private rented housing through landlord licensing

The council is consulting tenants, landlords and anyone interested in the privately rented housing sector in the borough about making changes to its landlord licensing schemes in order to focus on the streets and types of properties which cause the most significant problems.

The private rented sector in Hammersmith & Fulham is the sixth highest in London and eighth highest in the country and accounts for one third of all households in the borough according to the 2011 census.  It is expected that the 2021 census will show a further increase in the proportion of residential addresses in the borough which are privately rented.

To help improve the private rented sector, the council introduced two discretionary property licensing schemes in 2017 which require landlords to apply to the council for a licence.  These schemes expire in June 2022. 

This consultation is to gather opinions about re-designating the licensing schemes from June 2022 for a further 5 years, with appropriate adjustments in order to focus on the streets and types of properties which cause the most significant problems.

The proposal is to continue with Additional HMO Licensing for all HMOs not covered by Mandatory HMO Licensing, and to substantially reduce the number of streets in the Selective Licensing scheme from 128 to 23, in order to focus on busy roads, flats above shops, and roads with a significant private rented sector.

If you wish to read detailed background information please see Improving private sector housing via licensing

The survey has 10 questions and should only take a few minutes to complete. Thank you for participating in our consultation.


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