Draft Cycling Strategy

Closed 2 Feb 2015

Opened 10 Dec 2014


London is undergoing a Cycling Revolution. The Mayor’s Vision for Cycling in London (published in 2013) sets out a significant programme of work to transform cycling in the Capital. The Draft Hammersmith & Fulham Cycling Strategy is part of this Council's approach to encouraging cycling within the Borough.

The Draft Hammersmith & Fulham Cycling Strategy sets out the strategic vision, the broad objectives, and key actions for the future cycling network in the Borough. Our “Way Forward” is intended to tackle some of the major challenges to cycling in the Borough, such as road safety and interactions between different road users.

The Cycling Strategy integrates new proposals and improvements into existing schemes and programmes to build on our current cycle network and encourage the use of cycling for everyday transport.

The Cycling Strategy does not go into exact detail about new cycle routes and cycling infrastructure as these specific schemes (such as the A315 Segregated Route, and Hammersmith Broadway Junction) will be subject to separate design and consultation procedures at a later date.

Why We Are Consulting

The current Hammersmith & Fulham Cycling Strategy was first published in 2004. Now is the time to update the Cycling Strategy to reflect the current status and demand for cycling in the Borough.

As part of the public consultation process we would like your opinions and comments on the draft document. We are particularly interested in whether you support the overall vision, objectives, and key actions in the Cycling Strategy.

(Photo Source: Sustrans)

The intended outcome of the Cycling Strategy is to encourage more residents to cycle within Hammersmith & Fulham and help to guide the investment and development of the cycle network within the Borough. This consultation and your comments will help us refine the final Cycling Strategy so that we can get on with improving cycling in Hammersmith & Fulham.

Please complete the Online Survey below to provide feedback about the Cycling Strategy. Feel free to write as little or as much as you want! If you would like to finish the Online Survey later, or amend your answers, please remember to press "Save your responses and return later..." before proceeding to the next page.

If you have any specific suggestions about small-scale cycling improvements in your local area of Hammersmith & Fulham, please email cycling@lbhf.gov.uk.

What Happens Next

The feedback received will be collated and analysed for support / concerns related to the key themes and issues in the Strategy. The results of this consultation will inform the Hammersmith & Fulham Cycling Strategy, which is expected to be finalised by spring 2015.


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