Proposed electric vehicle charging spaces - July 2021

Closed 11 Aug 2021

Opened 21 Jul 2021


Hammersmith & Fulham Council declared a climate emergency in 2019. We remain committed to being leaders on addressing climate change and creating a healthier, greener borough that is net carbon zero by 2030.

As part of our efforts to achieve this, we want to create some dedicated parking bays in your area. This would allow you, or your neighbours, to conveniently charge their electric vehicles (EVs).

Now, we would like your views.

What are we proposing?

Creating dedicated charging spaces alongside some of our lamp column charge points will help residents who already own EVs to find somewhere to charge. It will also make it easier for residents considering switching to a low/zero emissions vehicle to reach a decision.

For most people the key factor putting them off moving to an electric vehicle is concerns over not being able to charge it easily. Our proposals would change this.

Only EVs plugged in and ‘actively charging’ would be allowed to use these spaces.

How would it work?

Between 9am to 7pm the charging bays would be available for use by any electric vehicles, with a four-hour maximum stay period. A no return period of four hours will be in place to ensure regular turnover of users.

To ensure the charge points are only available for residents’ use through the night (when most charging takes place), between 7pm and 9am these bays will operate as permit holder only charging bays with no time restriction, meaning only those with a H&F parking permit can use these spaces, as long as they are actively charging.

Why your views matter

What does this mean for me?

If you own an electric vehicle, you’ll now have more chance of ensuring there’s somewhere to charge your car.

If you don’t yet own an electric vehicle, there will be fewer spaces to park in. However, we’re targeting areas where residents already own electric vehicles, so we expect there to be little impact on parking.

Why are we considering this?

Helping residents to move about the borough without adding to air pollution is key to achieving our climate ambitions. That’s why we’ve already created one of the biggest EV charging point networks in London.

What happens next?

After the consultation ends we’ll review all the feedback from residents and use this to inform our decision on whether or not to proceed.


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