Improving air quality in Hammersmith Grove

Closed 22 Dec 2017

Opened 24 Nov 2017


We’d like to reduce local air pollution levels in Hammersmith Grove and make your neighbourhood more pleasant. So we’d like your views on some plans we’re developing.
Eventually, we’d like your neighbourhood to be our first ‘zero emission zone’. To do that, we need to reduce vehicle emissions either by encouraging people to switch to lower emission cars or to walk, cycle or use public transport more often.
What are the changes?
We’re proposing changes to the southern end of Hammersmith Grove between Glenthorne Road and Beadon Road.
We’d like to:
  • make Hammersmith Grove one-way southbound from Glenthorne Road
  • build new electric vehicle charging points, including a rapid-charging point 
  • convert some of the existing parking space to ‘parklets’ which include seating areas, plants and cycle parking facilities
  • remove the bus shelter for the bus stand - no passengers wait to board a bus here
  • install a new air quality monitoring station 
  • work with local businesses to help them move to less polluting servicing and delivery vehicles.
We’ll only go ahead with the proposals if the majority of respondents support it, so please let us have your views.
The deadline for comments is 15 December 2017.
If you’d like more information, call Solomon Castillo on 020 8753 6703 or Chris Bainbridge on 020 8753 3354. 


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