Reducing heavy traffic in Hammersmith Grove

Closed 22 Dec 2017

Opened 24 Nov 2017


We have been working with your local councillors and residents on the need to reduce traffic, particularly heavy lorries, in Hammersmith Grove.
We’ve introduced a lorry ban and put in bell bollards to protect footways and we’re also working with businesses in the area to get them to reduce the numbers and size of vehicles they use.
We’re now proposing further measures to discourage through traffic, while retaining access for emergency vehicles.These proposals will complement measures to improve air quality at the southern end of Hammersmith Grove which we’re consulting on separately.
What are the changes?
We propose to widen the pavements at the junction of Hammersmith Grove and Goldhawk Road, install a raised entry table, plant some trees and provide more car parking spaces, and increase the width of the refuge island towards the southern end of Hammersmith Grove.
We need your views
The two options we’re asking you to consider are;
  • EITHER, to install the width restrictions in Hammersmith Grove.
  • OR, to leave Hammersmith Grove as it is.
We can only go ahead with the proposals if the majority of respondents support them, so please let us have your views.
As well as local residents, we’re consulting Transport for London (TfL), who control the traffic lights at the north end of Hammersmith Grove, and the emergency services.
We’ll also carefully monitor the effects of the changes on motor traffic.
If we receive objections to the proposals, we’ll carefully consider how we can modify the proposals to meet those concerns. 
We would then need commission TfL to make any necessary changes to the traffic lights.
If you’d like more information, please call Solomon Castillo on 020 8753 1972 or Chris Bainbridge on 020 8753 3354.


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