Reducing traffic congestion in Lena Gardens and Batoum Gardens

Closed 14 Dec 2018

Opened 20 Nov 2018


We would like to get your views on plans to reduce traffic congestion in your area.

Lena Gardens and Batoum Gardens are narrow residential roads with very few places for vehicles to pass side by side; there are frequent conflicts between opposing traffic flows that can lead to congestion and make the environment less pleasant for residents, particularly during peak times.

To address these issues, we are proposing an experimental scheme to make Lena Gardens and Batoum Gardens one-way only.

What would happen?

We would introduce an experimental traffic order for six months, and monitor the results. At the end of the six-month trial period we will re-consult with residents to see if you think the scheme should be made permanent.

The proposed changes are shown on the plan below and include the installation of temporary signs and road marking to make Lena Gardens one-way westbound and Batoum Gardens one-way eastbound.

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View larger plan of proposed changes (pdf)

Have your say

We’ll only go ahead with the proposals if the majority of respondents support them, so it’s important to give us your views.


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