Review of controlled visitor parking hours in zones F and S

Closed 19 Feb 2018

Opened 22 Jan 2018


Some residents and businesses have asked us to reconsider the current rules controlling visitor parking in zones F and S.

View image of zones F and S (pdf)

We would like to know what you think. Do you want to keep the current rules or would you like them changed in any way?

The current parking restrictions

At the moment, permit holders can park at all times. Visitors can park during the daytime on weekdays by using pay & display or if residents apply for a Smart Visitor Permit (SVP) for them.

However, visitors may NOT use pay & display on weekdays at 6.30pm-8pm or on Saturdays at 2pm-4pm or 6.30pm-8pm. During these hours, visitors may park ONLY if residents apply for a SVP for them. (Businesses cannot apply for SVPs for visitors.)

This is set out in the table below.

Visitor parking in zones F and S

Monday to Friday



Parking hours for pay & display and visitors using an SVP




No restrictions

No pay & display visitors, only visitors using an SVP can park during these hours





Let us know what you think

Please tell us whether you’re happy with the current controls or would like them changed. If anything isn’t clear or you’d like more information, please call the parking team on 020 8753 6524.

The council doesn’t have any preference for any particular parking controls. We’ll only introduce changes if the majority of residents and businesses in the area support them.

Please give us your feedback by Monday 19 February 2018.


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