Highway improvements in Australia Road

Closed 13 Oct 2019

Opened 25 Sep 2019


Share your views on how we can make improvements to your area: 

We’re proposing some changes to the street scene in Australia Road to make it greener and improve surface water drainage to reduce flooding. We’d love to know your views on these proposed changes and any other suggestions.


Why are the changes being proposed? 

The White City estate forms part of the Counter's Creek catchment area and is susceptible to flooding because the old sewer system is near capacity. To reduce flood risk, surface water (rainwater) drains are being disconnected from the main sewer throughout the estate and sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS) are being introduced, which allow surface water to drain naturally into the ground.


Our proposal: 

Our proposals for Australia Road add greenery to the highway and improve the environment by naturally draining surface water run-off into the ground.

View the proposals here

Proposal: We would like to introduce: 

  1. New permeable parking bays laid with block paving to provide drainage for surface water.
  1. Rain gardens forming part of a sustainable drainage system, to soak up surface water.
  1. Raised entry on Australia Road at the junction with Bloemfontein Road provides a level surface for pedestrians to cross and helps slow traffic.


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