Highway improvements in Bloemfontein Road

Closed 13 Oct 2019

Opened 25 Sep 2019


Share your views on how we can make improvements to your area: 

We’re proposing some changes to the street scene in Bloemfontein Road and would like to know your views and any other suggestions.

 Our proposals: 

Many residents and businesses told us what improvements they would like to see. We’ve listened to their views and developed a proposal which keeps the access road open, retains parking, revitalises the streetscape and improves the environment with an anti-flood surface, that lets rain water drain naturally into the ground.

View the proposals here

Proposal: We would like to introduce: 

  1. An artificial stone paving pedestrian footway.
  1. A new community area will be created as a focal point for residents to host events, such as small farmers’ markets.
  1. New seating for pedestrians, litter bins and cycle stands.
  1. Eleven new trees of different species and sizes will form part of a sustainable urban drainage system (SuDS) that soaks up surface water.
  1. New parking bays laid with block paving that provides run-off for surface water.
  1. Raised entry on Australia Road at the junction with Bloemfontein Road provides a level surface for pedestrians to cross and helps slow traffic.
  1. Two dedicated ‘goods only’ loading bays, for deliveries to businesses.
  1. Zebra crossing on Bloemfontein Road near the junction with Bryony Road will be raised, to provide a level surface for pedestrians to cross and to slow traffic.

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  • White City Estate


  • Businesses
  • All residents
  • Parents/carers/guardians
  • Stakeholders


  • Environment
  • Traffic and transport
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