Should we make Ceylon Road one-way?

Closed 17 May 2019

Opened 8 Apr 2019


The Avonmore and Brook Green Ward Action Group, has been set-up by ward councillors so that residents can identify issues of concern that they would like the council to address in their ward. As part of this forum residents have told us they would like to make Ceylon Road one way, this is due to the road being narrow. Therefore the Council is proposing to make Ceylon Road one-way.

As one-way road may encourage some vehicles to speed as there will be no opposing traffic the Council is also proposing to replace all existing speed cushions with full width road humps to deter vehicles speeding.

Why We Are Consulting

We are seeking your views on the following changes proposed in Ceylon Road. 

The proposed changes are:

  • Make Ceylon Road one-way, northbound.
  • Replace all existing speed cushions with full-width road humps

We will only make these changes if there is clear support from Ceylon Road residents, so it is important to give us your views.

Please see plan below for further detailYour browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.

What Happens Next

If majority of Ceylon Road residents are in support of these proposals, we will look to start work by autumn 2019.



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