Charecroft Way Zebra Crossing

Closed 17 Nov 2019

Opened 18 Oct 2019


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New zebra crossing on Charecroft Way

Residents have told us they would like a new crossing in Charecroft Way to make it safer for pedestrians.

We listened and carried out an assessment of traffic in the area. This showed the best solution would be a new zebra crossing on a raised table near the junction with Rockley Road.

What are the proposed changes?

The proposed crossing is shown on the plan below and includes:

  • A raised zebra pedestrian crossing with kerb buildout to create a level surface with traffic-calming
  • Removing the existing raised entry
  • Removing four parking bays in Charecroft Way and Rockley Road.
  • Loading restrictions for the double yellow lines in Rockley Road (opposite Charecroft Way) to keep the junction clear of vehicles.

Why we are consulting

For this crossing place, we’ll have to install kerb build-outs, remove 4 parking spaces and introduce new loading restrictions. We’d like your views on whether the provision of this zebra crossing outweighs the loss of parking and the alteration of this junction.

What Happens Next

Based on your feedback, we’ll decide whether or not to proceed with the proposals


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  • Businesses
  • All residents


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