Cumulative Impact Policy Consultation

Closed 27 Aug 2021

Opened 2 Jul 2021


The Licensing Act 2003 - Cumulative Impact Policy Consultation

The Council currently has two cumulative impact policies (CIPs) for Fulham (introduced in 2009) and Shepherd’s Bush (introduced in 2011.

The policies stated that both of these areas already have too many licensed premises (pubs, bars and restaurants) and that no new licences, or extensions of hours should be granted in these areas except in exceptional circumstances. This is known as cumulative impact - please note that the policy in both areas can only be triggered if an objection is made to a licence application.

Before the policies were introduced the Council collected evidence which showed that Shepherd’s Bush and Fulham had higher levels of anti-social behaviour, such as noise and rowdy behaviour, and the policies were introduced to try and reduce these problems by not allowing as many licensed premises.

The evidence to renew both of these policies was due to be collected in the summer of 2020, so that new policies could be ready before the start of 2021. Unfortunately, Covid-19 meant that evidence could not be collected as was planned in 2020, as many licensed premises were closed.

Many pubs, restaurants and bars have now changed the way they work because of Covid-19. We hope that this consultation and any evidence gathered, will help us see if the cumulative impact policies are still needed.

To help you answer the consultation questions we have attached the current policies separately. The maps contained in the policies show the area that was covered. If you have any questions on this consultation, or require any more information, please contact

Fulham Area map:

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Shepherd's Bush Area map:

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Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this consultation.


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