Du Cane Road pedestrian crossings consultation

Closed 19 Oct 2018

Opened 24 Sep 2018


Installation of raised pedestrian crossings on Du Cane Road

Recent speed monitoring has shown traffic travelling along Du Cane Road is consistently exceeding the speed limit. The higher speed of travelling can contribute to the number of collisions and severity of injury. Due to the safety concerns, we are now proposing to raise two existing zebra crossings to help slow traffic down. In addition, we propose to install a new raised zebra crossing to help pedestrians, including school students, cross this busy route. We would like to know if you think this is a good idea.

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Please see the map above showing the proposed location of the traffic calming measures. 

The cost of the improvements would be covered by our annual Transport for London local transport funding.

Please share your thoughts and comments on this before 12 October 2018.


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