New informal pedestrian crossing outside Lady Margaret School

Closed 9 Jul 2021

Opened 18 Jun 2021


We would like your views on a proposal to install an informal pedestrian crossing outside Lady Margaret School in Parsons Green, Fulham SW6.

Our aim is to improve pedestrian access and road safety for students.

We’ve been working with the school to design the new proposed crossing. It would run from the school entrance, across the road to the western footway. The footway outside the school entrance regularly becomes unsafe and overcrowded with pupils as pupils arrive in the morning and depart in the afternoon.

The proposal will also benefit the wider community by providing a safer crossing point to and from Parsons Green.

What are the proposed changes?

The proposed scheme includes the following measures and is shown on the plan (enclosed).

  • Install a new raised pedestrian crossing which will provide a level surface for pupils and pedestrians to walk on between the two footways
  • The existing ‘School Keep Clear’ markings will be adjusted to suit the new informal crossing
  • The new crossing will act as a traffic calming feature for vehicles using Parsons Green by slowing down traffic outside the school
  • Install double yellow lines on the western side of the informal crossing to keep vehicles from parking on it
  • A gap in the existing railing will be removed to allow pedestrian access onto the Green
  • As a result of the informal pedestrian crossing in front of the school, there is a loss of two pay & display parking spaces on the western side of the Parsons Green.

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How will the scheme be funded?

These proposals will be wholly funded by Transport for London.

When will the work be carried out?

Subject to approval, these improvements will be installed in July/Aug. The works will take approximately four to five weeks to complete.

Share your views

We value your feedback. Please review the consultation letter and plan and give us your views by 5pm on Friday 9 July 2021.


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