Managing traffic around the Peterborough Estate Phase 2

Closed 9 Aug 2019

Opened 10 Jul 2019


Share Your Views: Managing Traffic Around the Peterborough Area

In February we wrote and asked for your views on our proposals to reduce through-traffic and road danger, while improving the local environment. 

Most residents who replied told us they didn’t think our plans were a good idea. So, we’ve listened to your feedback and come up with an alternative proposal we think will reduce rat-running, without causing excessive inconvenience to residents and businesses in other streets.  


What’s changed?

We’re no longer proposing banned right turns from Stokenchurch and Ryecroft Street into Wandsworth Bridge Road and vice versa, using refuge islands. These would have limited access to and from Cresford Road, Acfold Road and Bovingdon Road. Our revised proposals won’t affect this access.  

Revised proposals (shown on the plan below): 

  • Ban the right turn from Studdridge Street into Wandsworth Bridge Road, and the right turn from Wandsworth Bridge Road into Studdridge Street. This would be enforced by using a refuge island.
  • Ban the left turn from Perrymead Street into Stokenchurch Street.


How would it work?

We’d make the changes using an experimental traffic order, then monitor the results for six months. After that, we’ll ask for your views again. If residents think it’s improved the area, we’ll consider making the changes permanent.

Another change we’re considering, to improve traffic flow, is to allow vehicles to turn right from New King’s Road into Wandsworth Bridge Road, but this would take longer to introduce due to the road layout changes required. We’ll keep you updated on this scheme.


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Why We Are Consulting

We’ll review all the comments after the deadline. Based on your feedback, we’ll decide whether or not to proceed with the proposals

What Happens Next

Based on your feedback, we’ll decide whether or not to proceed with the proposals


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