Petrofina Wharf footpath improvements at Carnwath Road

Closed 14 Nov 2019

Opened 17 Oct 2019


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We are proposing to make some improvements to the Petrofina Wharf riverside footpath. This is the stretch of the Thames Path running alongside Carnwath Road to Broomhouse Lane, next to the Thames Tideway site. We would like to know what your views are on these changes and any other suggestions.

 Our proposals 

We have developed a proposal which makes the footpath more attractive. It will enhance the landscape and improve safety by including new lighting and CCTV along the Petrofina Wharf portion of the Thames Path.

View the proposals here

The changes

Our plans would include

  1. New footpath with artificial stone paving and flush granite stone.
  1. New seating areas with granite blocks.
  1. New trough planters to add greenery.
  1. New Palace benches.
  1. New heritage type lamp columns for street lighting.
  1. New CCTV cameras to provide security.
  1. New cycle stands and litter bins.

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