Goldhawk Road safer for cyclists and pedestrians

Closed 9 Jul 2021

Opened 18 Jun 2021


We would like your views on plans to make improvements to the junction of Goldhawk Road and Stamford Brook Road. These plans will make the junction safer for cyclists and pedestrians.


Recently, we made some changes to the junction – but residents told us they weren’t happy.

Since then, we’ve been working closely with the Stamford Brook Residents’ Association and the residents of Pocklington Lodge to get their feedback. After listening to what they told us, we’ve changed the proposals to include several new elements to make the scheme safer and more attractive.

Now, we’re asking for your views on the revised plan.

What are the new proposals?

Enclosed is a plan showing all the proposed highway improvements. These include the following:

  1. New ‘with flow’ advisory cycle lanes. We’ve moved them from the pavement to the carriageway. This will involve some adjustments to the kerbs.
  2. Raised zebra crossing on the southern arm of Goldhawk Road and Stamford Brook Road. This includes the existing signal-controlled pedestrian crossing on the eastern side of Goldhawk Road. Raising the crossings has a traffic-calming effect for vehicles, as well providing a level surface for pedestrians.
  3. Relocated the zebra crossing to its original position on Stamford Brook Road to allow one car space to stop in front of the zebra crossing, so it won’t interfere with the movements of the roundabout.
  4. Realigned geometry of the roundabout to make it easier and safer to drive around.
  5. New pedestrian guardrails between the Stamford Brook Road and Goldhawk Road crossing points to increase safety for those with visual impairments. This will work as a ‘guide and tap’ rail.
  6. A new cycle slip route helps cyclists safely join Stamford Brook Road from Rylett Road without using the footway outside of Pocklington Lodge.
  7. Six new trees to improve the look of the street and improve air quality.
  8. The junction will be fully resurfaced and any existing issues of surface water collecting will be fixed.

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When would the scheme be built?

If residents support the proposals, we’ll send further details about when we will start the works and its duration. It is anticipated that the works could be carried out this Autumn.

Have your say

Please review the plans and give us your views by Friday 9 July 2021.


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