New signalled pedestrian crossing in Shepherd's Bush Road

Closed 16 Jul 2021

Opened 25 Jun 2021


We would like your views on a proposal to install a signalled pedestrian crossing in Shepherds Bush Road, Hammersmith W6, near the junction with Anley Road.

This part of Shepherds Bush Road has been identified as a difficult place to cross safely. Recently, we carried out a traffic study that found:

  • There is a large distance between the existing signal-controlled pedestrian crossings that are 105 metres to the north and 175 metres to the south.
  • The flow of vehicles in both directions was continuous and did not allow time for pedestrian to cross the road safely.
  • The width of the road means that pedestrians find it difficult to cross the road safely.
  • Local residents regularly want to cross the road here to the shops on the western side, specifically the Sainsbury’s on the corner of Poplar Grove.

A new pedestrian crossing at this location would mean removing three Pay & Display parking spaces on the western side of Shepherds Bush Road.

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How will the works be funded?

These proposals will be funded by Transport for London.

When will the work be carried out?

Subject to approval, the council will be collaborating with Transport for London (Traffic Signals) and it will be installed in the Summer 2021. The works will take approximately eight weeks to complete.

Share your views

Please send me your views by 5pm on Friday 16 July 2021.


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